The purpose of this website is to encourage communication between local and regional OSCIA associations regarding possible collaborations on grant projects.

This is a forum where you can post ideas, request a partner for a project or view what other associations are working on to inspire a project for your association.

Please post your project ideas/collaborations here: https://osciagrants.wordpress.com/project-ideas/

OSCIA 2015-2018 Grant Guidelines_V4


The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) provides annual funding under agreement with OSCIA to support key communication activities and on-farm applied research. In addition, OSCIA invests their own financial resources to champion related activities. The Ontario Seed Growers’ Association (OSGA) also contributes to specific funding opportunities.

Overall success of the grants is achieved when strategic outcomes are realized:

  • Focused activities that align with stated OSCIA research priorities, or otherwise have the strong support of multiple counties/districts or regions;
  • Defendable applied research results that benefit the broader membership;
  • Capture the interests of members, encourage grassroots innovation, educate and build awareness;
  • Fully accountable to the funding requirements of OMAFRA;
  • Wherever possible, support projects that build on unique OSCIA interests, and its role in Ontario agriculture.

New Grant Structure

2015 brings the introduction of a new grant structure. After careful review of past accomplishments, comments received from members, and consultation with Ministry representatives, the new structure will present enhanced opportunities for local and regional associations to engage with project partners in a broad array of one-year activities including education and demonstrations, and three-year in-depth investigations involving applied research.

Four components comprise the new structure:

  • Regional Communication Grant
  • Seed Fair Grant
  • Tier One Grant
  • Tier Two Grant

2 Responses to Purpose

  1. Clarke Fretz says:

    Would be great to see a project trying the interseedertech.com for those of us trying to plant covers into corn


  2. Organic vegetables and sustainable agriculture work in harmony with nature rather than against.


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